About Us

This is Megawatt. Your One-Stop-Power-Shop. Three agencies that share the same roof, values and one collective goal: Injecting brands with a million Watts of pure and highly contagious energy. We supercharge brands.


we create brands

Expect fireworks. Our energy knows no bounds and we don’t believe in half measures. When we do something, we go for it. All the way. Tirelessly. Brand strategy is the bedrock on which the best concepts are built. An organization that runs like clockwork powers our ship. Lift-off only happens when every little detail is in order. We create brands.


We build brands. Empower marketers with the right content and context to achieve set goals. We help brands develop their own, unique style. Establish an optimal brand experience. To do that, you first need to know who you are, what you value, and where you’re going. Only when those questions are answered can we do what we love most: create something that matters.


The idea is well thought out and solid, the tools are sharp. We shift into overdrive. Now it’s a matter of maximizing every single euro. And that is what makes us intensely happy: performing under pressure. Because pressure makes diamonds, right?

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we connect brands

Establishing a digital presence is one thing, being and staying relevant is another. We delve deeply into the brand, the message, and the target audience to come up with content that does what it’s meant to do. Strike a chord and activate. That’s how we stay on top of your game. Linked to the right technology, we share that message at the right moment, through the right channel. From strategy to creation. From the big picture to today’s news. We connect brands.

Digital Strategy

Starting point is a well-designed strategy. But not set in stone. Agile like Lionel Messi, sharp like a Valyrian Steel. We monitor every movement and never stop optimizing. Anything, absolutely anything, for the best result.


The digital world moves at lightspeed. More information than most grey matter can handle. Doesn’t discourage us. All we see are ways to stand out. Smart stories, captivating visuals. We create content that grabs you by the throat and never lets go.

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we activate brands

We’ve elevated powerful storytelling to an art form. We bring brands to life through personal connection. Sampling, events, roadshows: we always have our eye on the prize. We get to the heart of every case and hit it hard. We activate brands.


It all starts with pinpointing the needs, motivations and interests of the target audience. After that, we develop a catchy concept where all the magic stems from. A distinctive idea for an impressive brand experience. Putting that idea into action is just as important. Every detail has to be right. Setting, styling, team, location, moment. That’s how we make a spectacular impression and get things going.


Just judge us by the results. Doesn’t scare us at all. The mechanism of an action is crucial to its impact. Timing is key. We identify the perfect moment for activation in the customer journey. With traffic and sales as a natural consequence.

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