SPARCK’s question is twofold. In addition to recruiting more members, SPARCK wants to attract exactly those members that fit the unique SPARCK concept perfectly. With a unique location, proposition and full attention for the members, SPARCK certainly has something special to offer. It’s up to Megawatt Digital to get this unique message across and recruit those who are a perfect fit for the energetic sports-club.

After analysing the current proposition, Digital discovered that it did not correspond to reality. In order to be able to translate SPARCK's demand into a successful campaign, they had to start from the beginning. A new website and corresponding social channels, including the new proposition (in text and image), was the way to go.

If you truly listen to each other, you will achieve the best results. Always. We managed to capture the renewed proposition in video and photography and it’s definitely not a sight for sore eyes. Today, SPARCK’s online communication is completely in sync with their true identity and goes straight into the hearts of the target audience.