Swiss Sense: FOR. EVERY. BODY.


Swiss Sense

Project insights

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  • TV Commercial
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Swiss Sense is on the move. The switch was made from premium brand to mainstream brand. Rather a product-oriented organization; from now on, the customer is even more central. And no customer is the same, so Swiss Sense makes beds that are made for you. You can vary endlessly with the parts of your bed. A tailor-made bed for everyone! This brand transition comes with a powerful pay-off. We came up with "For. Every. Body.".

This theme was brought to life with a catchy visual concept and a sensitive commercial Slices of life''. Supported by a poetically written voice-over. This is how Swiss Sense pulls its story out of the bedroom into life. Because a bed is much more than just sleeping. It lays the foundation for a healthy, happy and rich life.