Brabantia: It's the little things

It's the little things


Project insights

  • Concept
  • Production
  • Script
  • TV Commercial
  • Voice over
  • Social advertising
  • Sound design
  • Casting

We are becoming more and more aware that life is no longer about more, further, bigger, stronger and faster. With a new international campaign Brabantia leads us back to the basics of life; home, the center of your universe. A movement towards a more conscious and sustainable life by showing that the little things can be of great value.

For years Brabantia focused on product level to make one’s life more beautiful, more pleasurable and more sustainable. That’s how people got to know the rich and qualitative product portfolio. But to connect people on a more emotional level, there was need for a new aspirational brand message.

To create a concept that meets both human and brand needs, the growing trend of ‘conscious consumerism’ has been researched. This was translated into four scenarios where we see how people enjoy the little things while doing the household: the morning sun, playing with your child, a proud feeling or a sweet little message to start your day. The different scenarios, each emphasizing the three brand pillars beautiful, pleasurable and sustainable, come together in the brand spot.

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Make & take


Because we want to tell an emotional story that will not easily be forgotten, we chose to test the different edits using EEG and eye tracking. The final edits have been optimized according to this neuroscientific research.

An international feel-good campaign. International? Oui, oui! We’re not only talking about The Netherlands and Belgium. This campaign goes abroad to France, The UK, Spain and Germany.

 We developed a commercial, product videos, social content and photography. And if that wasn’t enough, we made the existing brand tune custom match the new message. The result? A rich collection of digital image material and a sound database for the various markets. Everything with one umbrella message that appeals to everyone: it’s the little things.