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The Athlete's Foot

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The Athlete's Foot is more than a sporty lifestyle shop. They stand for inclusivity, mutual respect, gender neutrality and sustainability. The repositioning was inspired by developments within the culture of our youth. We’re all the same. We’re all equal. The briefing was clear; a social activation with the aim of generating traffic to the stores and webshop. Time for some intrepid digital energy from Megawatt Digital. They created the first "back to school campaign" in the new style.

With this target group, the question is not whether you should do "something with online” but how to do it properly. They are quicker than a ray of light and swipe in a blink of an eye. Young people want to distinguish themselves within the equality of each individual. They want to be heard and seen. We’ve developed a quiz with which the participant can find out which sneaker really suits him or her.

A quiz, you say? Yes, but not one from your average 90’s magazine. We go for fast, funny and on topic. When you play the quiz, you will not only see which sneaker is perfect for you, but you can actually win it. In addition, four winners will be selected to win a customised pair. By a sneaker artist, of course. The data we collect through this promotion, ensures that we can approach the target group via email marketing and online advertising. On top of that, we encourage them to come to the store to discover even more.