The future of sneaker socks


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Wearing new, comfortable socks is a joy for everyone. Especially if your socks support you on every level. CADA creates sneaker socks that do exactly that. They’ve just started their company and are about to storm the market with some high-quality footwear that will give you happy feet. We at Megawatt Digital were invited to put the pioneers of CADA on the map.

Having a strategy is always important, but downright essential if you’ve just started out. After a soft launch with a broad focus and ditto target group, CADA noticed that it’s proved difficult to reach everyone. Together we went back to the drawing board and came to the conclusion that focus had to be applied. If you are everything to everyone, you are nothing too nobody. Fresh content, a rock-solid online strategy, a smart advertising strategy and new designs are key. That’s what we proposed and that’s what we’ve created.

You can apply focus in many ways. We asked CADA very specifically: ‘which sock are you particularly proud of. Which one really stands out?’ This turned out to be an amazing sneaker sock. The sock has a fixed grip, is moisture wicking, seamless and invisible when you wear a sneaker. When it comes to sneaker socks, this is definitely the future. We have built the entire strategy and content creation around this revolutionary sock.