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When it comes to innovative and sustainable production, the Netherlands is ahead of their time. We all want safe and healthy food, a pleasant living environment and vital nature. In order to achieve this, business, government and education must work together. GroenPact ensures this connection. There are plenty of innovative and sustainable ideas in the Netherlands. These ideas can actually be realised with Groenpact. But, did you know about the existence of such an initiative? No? That’s where Megawatt Digital step in, to make sure everyone with great ideas, does.

Groenpact asked for a new website where the story of GroenPact and ditto goals had to be set out more clearly. Megawatt Digital advised to dig a little deeper and invited Megawatt Advertising for their strategic insights. After an extensive process, there was a solid strategy and a sharp vision. After that, they focusses on getting that message across to the right target audience. It’s great that you know what information you want to ‘send’ but never forget how people want to ‘receive’ what you’re saying.

GroenPact's story is not an easy one. Nevertheless, both parties have succeeded in creating an online environment where every ‘innovator’ can find his or her way. Simplifying complicated matter is extremely difficult, but if it succeeds, the kick is all the greater. So, do you have a sustainable and innovative idea that can make the world a little more beautiful, but you have no idea where to start? If you do, please check out and help build a sustainable future.