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Movable spaces


Project insights

  • Concept
  • Copy
  • Social content
  • 3D animation
  • Leadgeneration
  • Script
  • Social advertising

Expandable isn’t just fun to work with, they make beautiful products too. Therefore, every new request from Expandable is very welcome. This time, Megawatt Digital sat with the person responsible for sales and marketing to think about Expandable's online brand awareness. It is a young company which is off to a great start, and they would like to continue this success in the future. Time to plant some positive online seeds, to ensure an even brighter future.


Thanks to a strategic session with Expandable, we were able to get to the core of our goals. When there’s input like that, the outcome will always be great. Creating brand awareness can be done in many ways. Megawatt Digital advised a broad campaign, starting with LinkedIn, where the emphasis was on increasing brand awareness and generating leads. To make this happen, we’ve developed a 3D animation and written a white paper. Creating relevant and attractive content is always the basis of a successful online campaign.

Update! We ran two extensive campaigns where we applied the feedback from the first campaign directly to the second. As a result, we increased the reach of the second campaign by 21.1 percent with significantly less costs (media purchasing) compared to the first campaign. The leads were better (more qualified) and the overall response was a lot higher.