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Freedent is relaunching. With three revitalising flavours and more eco-friendly packaging, they are ready to bring revolutionary freshness. It was up to Megawatt Fieldmarketing to spread the word… and the samples!


The range of the target audience was vast and the sampling amount grand. The creative minds at Megawatt HQ were up for a challenge. They cracked the case by dividing the target audience into two groups and approached them separately. Students at universities and colleges were surprised with an infusion of freshness, while the rest of the Netherlands received their sample on the street or in shopping malls.

By splitting the target audience, more than 500.000 (!) people were invited to experience the new world of Freedent. By creating an interactive stand, including a big smiling mouth that spreads the minty scent of the Freedent freshness, this activation was so much fun to do. Our Superchargers were thrilled and gave this job an epic score. Not only did they hit all the targets but every sample was received with a smile as well.