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The British label ERDEM is famous for its refined take on romance, beautiful floral prints, and exceptional eye for detail. And therefore, very popular among fashion con- noisseurs. A fashion force to be reckoned with, even if it's a slightly lesser-known brand than the ones that worked with H&M before. Our goal was to develop a powerful activation to boost the collaboration between ERDEM and H&M and promote the new collection.

The collection’s campaign commercial takes place in a Tuscan garden. A girl clad in floral clothes wanders through something that looks very much like a maze. And that formed the inspiration for the concept ‘ERDEM aMAZEs’.

We brought the campaign to life in a mysterious maze in Rotterdam Central Station. Visitors could get lost in a labyrinth of fresh flowers and dynamic designs. They were offered sneak peaks of the collection and were covered in projections of flowers in a magical space. By taking a picture and sharing it on Instagram with the hashtag #HMRDAM they could be the first to win an item from the new line..