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After a long week of honest work, you can close your laptop and get ready for some Friday drinks. At the local pub, you have a laugh en celebrate a successful week with your colleagues. This time around, you choose an alcohol-free drink, because now there is FÏNLEY with the perfect balance between subtle bubbles and refined flavours. Since FÏNLEY was relatively unknown amongst the general public, it was up to Megawatt Fieldmarketing to introduce it to the hard-working Dutchies in their thirties and forties.

"Work hard, play harder”. The target group of FÏNLEY is a busy one, but they don't forget to enjoy life. The FÏNLEY XL bar, developed by us, was not only fully equipped, but also extremely durable. Connect it to a car, go to the location and unfold. The bar was ready in a jiffy for the "perfect serve". The FÏNLEY pop-up bars were just as special. Entirely in style, remarkably compact but with a grand effect. Last but not least, we’ve approached boutiques throughout the Netherlands, that fit perfectly with the target group. We found the perfect boutiques via Instagram and were pleasantly surprised by the output.

The stylish FÏNLEY settings, the inviting bars, the many ‘perfect serves’. We immersed the Netherlands in an alcohol-free bath of sizzling flavours. The boutiques were so charmed by our creative approach that they went above and beyond. With great success, since we managed to reach thousands of people within the target group. Thanks to the smart and sustainable development of the FÏNLEY bars, we can and will use them again in the coming year for a new activation of FÏNLEY perfect serves!