Halloween & Sint Maarten staan voor de deur


Project insights

  • Concept
  • Art Direction
  • Social advertising
  • Production
  • DOOH
  • Video production

Haribo makes candy. Lots of candy. The well-known hand-out bags are not only ideal for birthdays, but also during Sint Maarten and Halloween. To strengthen their market share during this period, they asked Megawatt Advertising to come up with an innovative 360 degree campaign. We gave it our best and won the pitch.


A good concept often revolves around an innovative or core value insight. This insight provides the key to the campaign. Our insight for this case: Sint Maarten and Halloween are just around the corner, but how many adults forget to buy candy. Haribo is eager to help you remember, so that the kids in your neighbourhood will walk away with the best loot ever. We took the (front) door as a starting point and built the entire campaign around it.

Halloween is at the door

And by the entire campaign, we’re talking about the full treatment. Two 15 second videos, a 7 second TVC, billboards, pack shots, key visuals, DOOH, OOH + print, socials assets, online banners, advertisements and voiceovers. Whilst writing this case, Halloween and Sint Maarten are literally just around the corner, so we can't share numbers yet. But if you live in the Netherlands or Belgium (we’ve realised the Dutch, Flemish and French-language production) you will hardly miss the campaign, the coming weeks. 

Sint Maarten is at the door