H&M Helpt


Project insights

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  • Campaign video
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  • Influencer marketing

It’s december and the holiday commercials are dominating all media. This year, H&M decided that they should do more than ‘just a holiday campaign’. About 1 million people in the Netherlands live in poverty. A million is a lot and Corona adds to the equation. H&M's wish to give something back to the many people in need, was consulted with Megawatt. It was up to us to shape this unique and compassionate campaign. The proceeds where gathered for the ‘Nederlandse Voedselbank’.

What started as a field marketing project was turned into a digital campaign by us. Reason? Covid. Fortunately, a large part of H&M's target group is digital native. We envisioned a fashion auction where special designer items and other favourites from H&M's collaborations were offered. In addition, we asked celebrities and fashion influencers to not only provide styling advice, but also to contribute their own masterpieces for the auction. Finally, we called on everyone in the Netherlands to help out, by tidying up their own wardrobe and donating it for the cause.

We’ve enrolled a broad campaign with different attributes for maximum impact. Besides the development of the homepage hmhelpt.nl, we also created two auction sites. The first was accessible to everyone and the second especially for H&M members. We portrayed 4 influencers via photo and film, shot in their own setting with the outfits they wanted to donate. During the campaign, they posted stories on their platforms. We photographed all outfits for the auction and placed a QR code at all H&M cash registers in the Netherlands for donation. Finally, we distributed all campaign-content to H&M's social media, towards the press/influencers and #hmhelpt and #hmxvoedselbank.

The campaign ran from 3 to 17 December and an amount of € 15,000 was raised for the ‘Nederlandse Voedselbank’! 170 items of clothing were donated, including items worth more than € 300. Our press releases were published in: Elle, Fashion United, Fonk, Glamour, Grazia, JAN and LINDA.NL.