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H&M has a new collab with Good News, a sustainable shoe brand from the UK. With a launch on April 1, 2021, there was definitely room for a joke/hoax. After that, we would announce that it was the launch of the Good News sneaker line. It was up to Megawatt Advertising to (potentially) make use of the April 1 component without detracting from the launch of the new partnership.

Coming up with something fun or funny, without compromising the brands or the new collaboration is difficult. We pitched five completely different campaign ideas to find out what works best. From this pitch session, the winning campaign was chosen unanimously. The elaboration of the campaign was therefore executed with a lot of positive energy. With Good News we mainly wanted to spread a positive vibe in these crazy times.

Following the concept: "Spread some Good News", we developed the H&M Good News Podcast, featuring various guests who each have provided positive news. In the podcast they tell how they’ve contributed in a positive way to a better / more beautiful / nicer world. The presentation duo Kiki van Düren (influencer, creative entrepreneur) and Mike Weerts (actor and producer) interviewed several people with a beautiful and positive story. You can listen to the podcast here, if you’re up for some positive vibes.