Korein groep: Wij Zijn Jong

Wij Zijn Jong

Korein groep

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Korein Groep stands for Day-Care in the Eindhoven region. But if you help adolescents as well as small children... Not just caring for them but also helping them to grow and develop. And if you actually work all over the Netherlands... Then it is time for a new, contemporary and fitting identity. So Korein Groep was supercharged into Wij zijn JONG (We are YOUNG). And when all business units in the group start enthusiastically using this new joint story, it will be 'mission accomplished'.

We give children and youngsters the support that is needed to help them grow up to social, skilled and independent adults. With 5 divisions which are all contributing from their own expertise. A group that is looking for a collaborations with, for example: education, the government and child support. Connections in which we work together intensively.


The divisions of Wij zijn JONG will have to compete with other employers for the rarely qualified talent on the job market. To address these intrinsically motivated millennials, we’ve created 10 portraits in which employees are shown in a natural way with a mix of their private and professional life.