Looop: Moving circularity forward

Moving circularity forward


Project insights

  • Brand strategy
  • Webdesign
  • Webdevelopment
  • Pay-off
  • Visual identity
  • Positioning
  • Name

In September 2020, BELA group wrote a pitch to various advertising agencies. BELA's request; the market sees us as a traditional animal feed transport company but we’re a modern service provider that helps companies to utilise organic co-products in circular business operations. Megawatt Advertising entered the competition and… won! 

Winning the pitch, was mainly due to a thorough and strategic preparation. From refining the strategy to a competition analysis and an extensive internal investigation. Based on this, we came up with the winning concept. In mid-November we started the rebranding process. From a new name, pay-off and logo to a homepage, trailers, stationery and external communication. Deadline? The first of January 2021. Yes, this was a lot in a short time, but we maintained the highest quality standards. We did it! 

From the first of January, BELA group has been renamed to… .. * drum roll *… Looop! Both the name and the logo radiate the circular basis of the renewed company. Looop dreams of a 100% circular world in which waste no longer exists. They are already recovering almost 2,000,000 tonnes of reusable raw materials per year and, when it’s up to Looop, that is just the beginning. The pay-off; "Moving circularity forward". And we, as the Megawatt group, can only support that. A great case, a happy customer. The circle is complete.