Project insights

  • Brand strategy
  • Photography
  • Research
  • Rebranding
  • Visual identity
  • Social advertising
  • Gamification

There’s a desperate shortage of IT specialists. Createment saw a lot of IT talent, they didn’t look at training or a CV but talent and potential. Now they retrain suitable people without IT training through a traineeship. In this way they fill in the gap between unfilled IT vacancies and digital talents. They asked Megawatt Advertising to create a catchy brand story, sharpen the visual identity and get more applications with social advertising. Target? Delivering 50 trainees to clients.

Createment is all about talent development. They do not create general retrained professionals but motivated IT talent that exactly matches the profile that is needed. From here we’ve created a powerful brand story, with the right pay-off, slogan (Find it. Train it. Work it.), tone-of-voice and a catchy visual identity. All with the right essence: talent development. Because that’s what makes Createment so successful. It’s a breeding ground for new IT talent.

The visual identity is ready, time to use the right advertisements so we can get new applications. With the 'SEE, THINK, DO, CARE model' we draw the right target group into our funnel with appealing content and the use of gamifycation. This tool makes it extra attractive for the target group to leave information behind.

The brand story, the new visual identity, and the brand name for the assessment as a separate product completed the picture. We managed to touch the hearts of both customers and IT talent. Our ads achieved percentages up to 6.6% CTR. This was also apparent from the results: the targets were achieved in no time. So, they’ve doubled the targets for this year; deliver 100 trainees to clients. Createment, you just got supercharged!