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Signify wanted to create a campaign for IMELCO, one of their International Key Accounts. They asked Megawatt Advertising for a campaign that is cost efficient, innovative and possible to create during COVID-19. The campaign goal is to drive purchase intent and brand preference among installers in 10 countries. The idea should guide them through the Philips portfolio, and help them advise and sell.

Since we were challenged to create ‘more for less’, we needed a smart solution. Signify has been a loyal client for many years. Therefore, we did have a lot of pre-exciting materials. We suggested to re-use some of those materials and with that, create something completely new. We’ve created a campaign video, re-using existing film footage of installers at work and interacting with others. This solution wasn’t only budget-friendly but great for the environment too.

We’ve created a campaign with 95% digital assets. From the master video, we’ve created video snippets to promote on social media and web banners. Additionally, we’ve created an interactive roadmap which shows the benefits of better lighting solutions. It’s this roadmap where installers can discover more about the products, services, tools, and support. This information can really boost their expertise and skillset. All the master assets were localised per country, so each country could apply its own approach. Real pros stand strong with IMELCO and Philips.

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