Project insights

  • Concept
  • Art Direction
  • Campaign video
  • Production
  • Pop up store

The well-known sports brand PUMA has launched a new category: PUMA SWIM. They were looking for an activation in combination with a POP-UP store. The overarching concept ‘JUMP IN’ was already communicated (B2C) through offline and online channels. We were asked to ‘jump in at the deep end’ (pun intended) and create a translation of the overarching concept into a mind-blowing activation.

The initial request for the launch of the SS20 SWIM campaign came in 2019. The campaign not only had to connect with PUMA, but above all had to be convincing for the buyers. They determine whether the POP-UP will be available in their stores. The POS materials needed the necessary stopping power and should be disruptive. JUMP IN is about life with water as a metaphor. We’ve enhanced this catchy double layer by loading iconic objects in and around the pool with life wisdom.

With a start in 2019, a short dress rehearsal (London) in the spring of 2020, the POP-UP stores are finally on their European tour. Due to the pandemic, the project was 'on hold' for a year, but we are making up for the loss. With a number of minor adjustments, we made the setup completely Corona-proof with a kick-off in Germany and currently in sunny Tenerife. In addition to the complete POP UP store, we developed the other POS materials.