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We’re a unique combination of three agencies under one roof: an advertising agency, a field marketing agency and a digital agency. Are you a marketeer looking to supercharge your brand with a million watts of energy? We help you actualise your goals with powerful creative campaigns. Using 360-degree vision, we devise strategies and concepts that attract attention, enthuse, convince and seduce. We translate those concepts into successful online and offline campaigns, with flawless, efficient execution by the specialists in our group. Welcome to Megawatt; we supercharge your brand.

we supercharge brands


we create brands

We’re an advertising agency that loves injecting our boundless energy into developing laser-sharp strategic and innovative campaigns. Companies that consciously work on their brand are way more successful than others. We help you to make your brand attractive and powerful, while making a lasting impression on your target group with effective campaigns.

We love getting our teeth into your branding challenges, such as positioning, repositioning and designing your visual identity. You can also contact us with your brand portfolio issues and for the development of brand names. It doesn’t matter to us whether your issue revolves around employees, customers or strategic partners. We touch their hearts.

Communication campaigns are the fuel for your brand. Are you looking to work on your reputation and improve your brand image? Or is a new proposition ready to be launched? Maybe you want to recruit new customers with a brand activation or strengthen the bond with your current customers. We get things moving with a laser-sharp strategy and a formidable creative campaign concept. Online and offline. Fasten your seatbelts!


we connect brands

We’re a digital agency that creates supercharged content that does what it’s meant to do for your brand. It’s a question of being and staying relevant online: non-stop. We do this by communicating exactly the right message at the right time through the right channel. We connect and activate your target groups using smart strategies, creative digital concepts and the best online platforms. That's how we stay on top of your game.

Successful online communication always starts with a well-designed digital strategy for your campaign, advertisement or content. Data forms the magical starting point. This is how we arrive at the perfect content and mix of channels, which we use to reach your target group as well as possible. We put the data you already have to work for you. Or we come up with a plan to collect the data we need, to spread personalised and relevant messages. We then continue to measure and optimise to lead your campaign to the ultimate goal: conversion!

The digital world moves at light speed. No problem: we’re on top of it! People are overloaded online with text and images. No worries for you: we come up with opportunities that distinguish your brand from your competitors and make an impact. Creative content that’s meaningful and touches your target audience. With intriguing stories and catchy images, which we distribute channel-specifically. Appropriate to the latest techniques that the channels have to offer. This is how we ensure connection and interaction. Challenge us!


we activate brands

We’re a field marketing agency that brings brands to life with boundless energy through face-to-face contact. We reach your target group at the right location and at the most relevant time of day. We create brand experiences; always using a creative concept as a magnet. We actualise impossible productions and make an offline impact, with your activation goals in focus.

We translate the needs, motivation and interests of your target group into an impressive brand experience. Stopping power: that's what it's about. Every detail has to be right: the creative concept, the moment, the location, setting, styling and the promotion team. This is how we get the Netherlands moving towards your brand, with a brand experience memorable enough to create fans and brand ambassadors. We increase your reach and build brand preference.

The shopping consumer; we identify the perfect moment for activation in the customer journey. Timing is key. We ensure that we reach shoppers at the right time with exactly the right message. An effective campaign mechanism does the rest. With an offer they can't refuse, we ensure traffic and sales, because that’s what it’s all about: conversion!



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