Fruitmasters :



Project insights

  • Concept
  • Production
  • Event


Fruitmasters gave us a clear task: create a tasteful pop-up store at Utrecht Central Station to increase brand awareness. The goal was to boost brand recognition of KANZI® apples through the concept ‘tasting = believing’.  

For maximum visibility, we decided to place the pop-up store at a high traffic location. And what location has higher traffic than Utrecht Central Station? This led to the creation of the KANZI® charging station. The place where energy comes back to life and the taste of success is activated. Here, travelers can recharge themselves.  


We were responsible for the concept, creation, and realization. With ‘tasting = believing’ in mind, we designed an interactive store including a real tree. Visitors could pick a real apple themselves in the unique picking garden through an innovative mechanism. This gave them a unique code to win prizes. 

The perfect example of ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’. 


During the six campaign days, the pop-up store at Utrecht Central Station certainly did not go unnoticed. Every day, no less than 500 visitors managed to pick an apple, leading to a total of about 3,000 given away prizes. In total, over 12,000 people visited the KANZI® picking garden. The number of impressions at Utrecht Central Station was immense, contributing to the success of this juicy campaign.