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NIVEA. For over a hundred years this brand made sure our skins were soft and bodies clean. However, the skincare brand doesn’t only linger on former succes and introduced an innovative deodorant: NIVEA Beauty Elixir. We were invited to introduce this renewing and alcohol-free deodorant to Dutch consumers through activation.

In addition to sampling, it was important to generate high-quality contact moments. The only way to create these moments is by approaching the right target group. In collaboration with Kinetic, we have conducted extensive research into the subdivisions of this target group and where to find them. Women between the ages of 20 and 30 were joyous when they received their NIVEA Beauty Elixir at Universities and Colleges. A mini perfumery was developed for women between 30 and 49, situated around high-end city centers. Finally, after a movie night out at Pathé, ladies were surprised with a NIVEA Beauty Elixer goody bag.

Thanks to the professional and luxurious appearance of the activation, Megawatt Field Marketing aimed high and got the job done. The target was amply achieved and almost all samples ended up in the hands of enthusiastic consumers. NIVEA not only saw an increase in sales, but also received many positive online responses from happily surprised users.

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