Project insights

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  • Brand strategy
  • Photography
  • Copy
  • Campaign video
  • Campaign slogan

To promote Philips lighting to wholesalers, Signify annually initiates campaigns in collaboration with their four largest global key accounts. The target group: installers who ultimately sell the lighting products to companies with, for example, office spaces or factories. Because the campaigns run simultaneously, each distribution partner needs its own concept. Megawatt Advertising's task was to develop an activation campaign aimed at securing Signify a preferred position among installers.

In addition to lighting products, installers need daily practical support. Signify and its distribution partners can help installers sell more successfully, work more efficiently and advise customers more expertly. By means of digital tools and transferring knowledge online, for instance.

From a single central idea, we developed four different campaign images. These were incorporated in a 360-degree campaign for installers, which included both offline and online communication carriers. Included were brochures, posters, flyers, wobblers, landing pages, direct emails, online banners and social media posts. These were then localized per country so that each could apply its own approach.

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