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Rebranding van munster

van munster recyclers

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Van Munster Recyclers is a service provider that helps companies and municipalities reduce waste flows, reuse them and get more profit from them. Due to its strong focus on sustainability, Van Munster is seen more as a consultant than a full-service provider. The board has a growth ambition and is committed to a multichannel approach towards specific branches and sectors. Based on this background, Megawatt Advertising was asked to update the current positioning and to align it with the renewed course.

Van Munster offers opportunities by dealing with waste in a smarter way. Opportunities to produce more efficiently, thereby working more sustainably and even conserving raw materials. More and more companies want to make a sustainability move, but find it quite difficult to make the right choices. By looking critically and constructively at your waste flows, you can make progress in many areas. We have converted this knowledge into a positioning that really unlined the fact that you should go to Van Munster for sustainable waste management.

All municipalities and companies that produce waste in the category paper, cardboard, metal, wood and / or plastic should meet-up with Van Munster Recyclers. They work flexible, solution-oriented and personal and help you with the total solution. We brought this clarified positioning to life with a new visual identity and a catchy communication concept. Van Munster; long live waste!