Eindhoven souvenir


Project insights

  • Concept
  • Art Direction
  • Video production
  • Communication strategy

As a true Eindhoven agency, we are proud of our city. It’s the city of technology, design and knowledge; which gives Eindhoven its unique and energetic dynamic. In collaboration with our own city, Eindhoven365, we went searching for what typifies the city today with the aim of presenting Eindhoven in a new way. A campaign with a strong character, with which we show courage, distinguish ourselves as a city and attract even more City Explorers to ‘our’ Eindhoven.

Eindhoven is not a city for your average souvenirs, so don’t use tacky fridge magnets. We found the creativity in the people of Eindhoven themselves. They provide unforgettable memories. Their mentality makes Eindhoven the city as it is. This Eindhoven mentality is the center of the campaign we developed. We managed to capture this energy in a manifesto. A story that’s central to the entire campaign. The manifesto arises from in-depth interviews with four city ambassadors: Yetunde, Jasper, Min Young and Roy. They told us everything about their city: the love, energy and their favorite places. These stories and tips are the souvenirs, the memories, of a visit to Eindhoven.

The manifesto that we developed interprets the city as befits Eindhoven. Energetic and a tad artistic. The real and raw Eindhoven. We translated this into a video with the four Eindhoven residents. The poetic manifesto comes perfectly into its own in the aesthetic, high-quality and authentic images. The four Eindhoven residents received their own snippet, with their own part of the manifesto. These snippets and manifesto video take you to a mini-documentary featuring the full interview. A bold piece of art on your timeline, on behalf of a creative city. Nice to watch, interesting to listen to.