Swiss Sense: FOR. EVERY. BODY.


Swiss Sense

Project insights

  • Concept
  • Production
  • Script
  • TV Commercial
  • Voice over
  • Music
  • Models
  • Tag-ons
  • Instagram stories

Last summer, Swiss Sense and Megawatt Advertising joined forces and created a transcending brandspot. This fall, they found each other again for the second TV advert to deepen the concept. This second advert had to show the broad diversity of Swiss Sense’s product range, without losing the feeling of the initial brand spot.

In line with the brandspot, we’ve extended several recognisable moments from the lives of "real" people to the bedroom. The product range of Swiss Sense is deep and wide. Therefore we’ve chosen to show four different people in this TV advert, with four different stories in four different bedrooms. For the coming year, we’ve developed a series of tag-ons with which Swiss Sense can alternate in commercial messages.


Before every new campaign, Swiss Sense does their research. After all, it is the customer that comes first and every customer deserves a wonderful night's sleep. Megawatt converted this information into a concept where "authenticity" and "diversity" predominate. Prior to the launch of the commercial, neuroscientific research tested topics such as synchronicity (the cooperation between your heart and your head) and excitement (how interested or bored you are while watching). The results were above expectations.

Megawatt Advertising joined forces with Megawatt Digital and together they enhanced the TV advert online. Each character in the commercial has a 12-second Instagram story based on the first four lines of the voiceover. Quickly after that you get a five second story, including the shown products, with a link to the Swiss Sense webshop.


4 different people

4 different stories

4 different bedrooms