Brand activation: Philips hue

Philips hue

Brand activation

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Nowadays, the Philips Hue is a well-known product in Dutch households. That’s pretty exceptional if you consider the fact that the introduction of the Hue wasn’t that long ago. For the grand introduction, Philips asked Megawatt Fieldmarketing to join them in their quest. Show the Netherlands what this lamp can do, explain how it works and make sure that the early adaptors get a nice welcome gift.

Megawatt Fieldmarketing came up with the bright idea of having the launch of the Hue take place during "GLOW". A glass living room was set up in a prominent place, full of Philips Hue lighting. Passers-by could determine the atmosphere with a button on the outside. As soon as a different color of lighting was selected, a different scene was played in the glass living room by real actors. Interested consumers were asked to leave their e-mail address for an interesting proposal

Thanks to the inspiring environment (GLOW), the great setting and an innovative product, interaction with the public was enormous. The target with regard to email addresses and consumer profiles was amply achieved. The sales in well-known electronics stores and online chains received a huge boost in the weeks following the event. To this day, the Philips Hue is still at the top when it comes to varied mood lighting.