Brand activation: Sheba


Brand activation

Project insights

  • Concept
  • Sampling
  • Creation

Sheba is a premium cat food brand where quality and freshness are top priority. To welcome Dutch cat lovers into the world of Sheba, they asked Megawatt Fieldmarketing to come up with an engaging activation. High-quality contact moments and the distribution of 200,000 samples were the key aspects.

If you want to connect with cat owners, you must first figure out where they reside. Statistics show that the Randstad-area is full of cat owners, while the the more rural provinces prefer dogs. Who knew? The perfect locations were determined so we moved on to our next challenge: an epic eye-catcher. The enormous (2,40 meters!) scratching post, decorated in authentic Sheba colouring, definitely caught the attention we had in mind.

Quality was requested and quality was delivered! The responses from and interaction with consumers was overwhelming. Almost every stand visitor shared stories, photos and videos about his or her cat. It was a heart-warming activation with great results. Numbers show that sales were remarkably higher during the activation weeks.