Haribo: Worldmix & Happy Heroes

Worldmix & Happy Heroes


Project insights

  • Concept
  • Art Direction
  • Video production

We love the happy world of HARIBO. The candy giant asked us to create two TV commercials to stay top-of-mind with Belgian consumers. One video for the Happy Heroes distribution pack and one video for the World Mix. With our concept we made the difference between handing out and sharing, with HARIBO.

We have converted the concept of ‘sharing and handing out with HARIBO’ into two different seven-second billboard spots. Our recipe for success for the videos is that with one location and one crew, we created two completely different TVCs. Working efficiently and quickly does not necessarily mean that the quality will deteriorate. If the concept allows this (and even improves the output) we always look for this golden combination.

 The TVCs showed the difference between sharing and handing out. HARIBO is an addition at any time. Our southern neighbors love to share. At home, on the couch but also at a party. The HARIBO tagline ‘Everyday sharing together’ fits in perfectly with our generous neighboring country.


The concept, video production, art direction and edit; we run the show. The TVCs can be seen this spring and summer on various channels in Belgium including DPG, IP, RMB and SBS. HARIBO and The Megawatt group have been a couple for some time. Curious about what else we’ve created together? Check the cases here.