Wear that feeling


Project insights

  • Concept
  • Social content
  • Photography
  • Influencer marketing
  • Video production

Global fashion retailer H&M wants to be top of mind with its male shopping target group. The worldwide 360° campaign ‘Wear the Moment’ has been created for this purpose. We have been a match with H&M for some time now and they managed to find us again this time. We were asked to create a local content campaign for the spring, that ties in with the global ‘Wear the Moment’ campaign. Focus? The male target group.

H&M wants to create brand awareness and likeability to get more men into the (online) store. Our creatives presented an online content series, because that is where the target group is located. Our men also like a challenge, so we created: ‘Wear that feeling: the challenge’.

We laughed a lot on the shooting days. It couldn’t be any different thanks to the three men who stood in front of the camera. The online content series for H&M consists of three videos, which have been published on Daan’s YouTube channel. In addition, we made three campaign teasers and took on the photography.