Netflix: Squid Game

Squid Game


Project insights

  • Concept
  • Production
  • Creation

‘Red Light, Green Light’ Last fall there was no way around the South Korean series ‘Squid Game’. A week after the release of the hit series, Netflix asked us to produce an unforgettable activation that matched the gigantic hype. To make it easy: the deadline was within two weeks. Aaannd… go!

We devised and outlined the activation concept, along with Netflix. The starting point was of course the well-known ‘Red Light, Green Light’ game, which can be seen in the series. You can only move when the dreaded doll is singing during the game, otherwise…

 We successfully completed the entire creation, production and planning in two weeks. You couldn’t ignore the world famous doll in Rotterdam and Maastricht. Did you know that we had the giant doll 3D printed? She can even be spotted at a secret location in Amsterdam… Do you want to know where? Call us, we’ll give a hint.

The activation for Squid Game was a real PR banger. Thousands of fans and influencers lined up to play the game. The media was buzzing about it and we didn’t have to spend a euro media budget. Thanks to the large and enthusiastic audience, we’ve set up a much-discussed activation and it has even been rewarded with a Cross Media Award. Do we need to say more?