Spirotech: Spirocross



Project insights

  • Concept
  • Copy
  • 3D animation
  • Campaign slogan
  • Design

Spirotech, a family owned business with a global presence, is an expert in the field of system water quality in closed HVAC systems. In August 2020, they introduced the new and highly innovative SpiroCross XC-M. This product has a unique magnetic field enhancing technology and is so revolutionary that Megawatt Advertising was asked to dedicate a campaign to it. Spirotech had a special request for this campaign; make it different.

What Spirotech ment by this is that, when introducing these types of products, a lot of focus is placed on technology. Yes, it is revolutionary, but show this in a different way than a lot of numbers and professional jargon. We brought it back to the essence of the product; the magnet. It was up to us to present this new product with stopping-power. We need to make it stick.


How do you let a fine piece of technology, to not revolve around technology? Well, it may be about it, but in a completely innovative and inviting way. We have created a mood video in which we show what the new Spirocross can mean for the customer. Informal, edgy, distinctive and bold. We have continued this style in the brochure, advertisements and online assets. We made it stick.