Vogel's: Why Vogel's

Why Vogel's


Project insights

  • Concept
  • Art Direction
  • Copy
  • Campaign video
  • 3D animation
  • Creation
  • Voice over
  • Music

Vogel’s makes beautiful and high-quality products. They’ve been doing this with passion and craftsmanship since 1973. Those qualities make them a powerful player in the global market. After an inspirational overhaul of the Vogel’s brand earlier this year, they invited Megawatt Advertising for a new project. We were asked to make a comparison video that clearly showed the unique aspects of their wall mounts compared to the competition. 

Buying a wall mount has become a commodity. Almost all flat screens today are mounted on a wall. Therefore, competition among wall mount manufacturers is high, with price being the most important factor. Vogel's is not the cheapest, but most definitely one of the best. However, the added value offered by a Vogel's wall mount isn’t noticed by the entire professional market. Time for a lesson in quality and craftsmanship in the form of an inspiring comparison video. The idea was to make an animated video instead of a traditional comparison video. The message will not only come across better, but will also be more contemporary.

We didn’t choose an aggressive form of negative communication in the form of degrading the competition. We’ve chosen to empower Vogel’s uniqueness and strengths, in which they automatically leave the competition far behind. Vogel's wall mounts are strong and safe, extremely durable and are made with the best materials. This is due to the extensive TÜV tests where the maximum weight is guaranteed. In addition, there is the "Life Cycle Test" and the use of high-quality bearings. The link with the new pay off fits like a glove; Vogel's. For sure.