Signify: Sonepar



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In the LED era, Philips strives to be just as successful as they were when the world used lightbulbs. In cooperation with Signify we create an annual international campaign for their partner; Sonepar. Sonepar is an electrical wholesaler where professional installers get their products. In order to justify the price of Philips' premium LED products, we needed to convince installers of Philips' value proposition. It includes services and support on top of superior lighting products and innovations.

The installers we are targeting are keen on business growth, presenting themselves as skilled experts and selling their clients relevant solutions that add value. These insights were the foundation of this campaign and enabled us to convince installers to choose Philips lighting.

We visualised the steps of adding value and came up with an actual ladder. Each step on this ‘value ladder’ explains the benefits for both installer and client. We’ve developed the campaign ‘More of the same or step up your game?’ and ‘Climb our Lighting Value Ladder’. We show them why & how to upsell. With this knowledge they can lift their entire business to a higher level.