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Bonduelle, the brand supporting a vegetable revolution, approached Megawatt Advertising with a challenge. Reactivate the Bonduelle Minute-range for the Dutch and Belgian catering market and introduce new range-products. Minute is already launched in the market and is perfect for todays busy professional kitchens. The unique Minute-range production process provides products that are ready to use, fresher than fresh and don't contain additives.


Chefs must produce on a large scale with a small number of employees. In addition, a chef doesn’t want to compromise on quality. The common denominator between chefs is that they all work under pressure and expectations are high. In the kitchen, every minute counts. With a high-quality product that has a short preparation time and a high return, Bonduelle makes the life of a chef a lot easier. This insight, based on quality and time, gave us the idea for the campaign.



It's time. Time for something else. Thanks to the Bonduelle Minute-range you have that time. You have the opportunity and freedom to add value to your dishes. Time for new creations, time for the people around you. The message "Time for something else" is threefold. In the campaign we explain the functional and emotional benefits and we introduce a new product. We developed new key visuals, fitting incentives and a campaign-focused brochure.