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Technix, a technical secondment agency started in September 2015, is growing fast. The FD Gazellen Award, which they won in 2019, attests to this. Their ambition continuous and to accommodate their goals they were seeking marketing and communication at a professional level. Technix asked Megawatt Advertising for a powerful and engaging brand story, a visual identity to match, and the means to present the organisation, plus support the acquisition of clients and recruiting technicians.

A powerful and attractive brand story starts with the basics. What makes Technix different from others? Not only for clients, but also for candidates. Quite difficult, in a market with many homogeneous components. Yet, Technix has something that others do not have. It's all about motivation. Real motivation. Technix is determined, goal-oriented, highly committed and genuinely motivated. They also expect this from their candidates and clients. We set to work on the basis of this philosophy. Technix's tone of voice is therefore enthusiastic, confident, informal and empathetic. This is striking in the field and exactly what makes Technix so successful.

The result is a (visual) identity that resonates throughout the company, their candidates and clients. The new identity captures the essence of the company. We have translated this feeling into all marketing resources and written a powerful brand story. To get an idea, a short excerpt from the brand story. “Ambition. Qualification. Motivation. If your drive and know-how match ours, we’ve got the job for you. At Technix, we are convinced that dedicated engineers make all the difference. Our secret is the sincere attention we give every client and candidate, which means that every placement process is tailor-made. Our goal? Long-lasting professional relationships with you and your new employee. Unleash the future with Technix.”