Brand activation: Chaudfontaine


Brand activation

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  • Roadshow festival

Chaudfontaine: a perfect taste. Last summer, Chaudfontaine teamed up with Freek van Noodwijk and Megawatt Fieldmarketing to invigorate people with the perfect taste of their mineral water. Being and staying number one in the hospitality industry is their primary goal but Chaudfontaine also wanted to surprise and refresh the consumer with a perfect water cocktail.

In collaboration with Freek and the Trek festival, Megawatt Fieldmarketing took on the challenge of offering all visitors a “Perfect Serve”. This is a water cocktail with special garnishes for a refreshing taste sensation. Megawatt Fieldmarketing came up with the idea to combine this "Perfect Serve" with matching appetizers. In addition, we developed a Chaudfontaine water cocktail pavilion, where guests could enjoy this new sensation.

Because it was particularly hot during most of the fifteen action days, the water cocktail pavilion was a welcoming refreshment for most visitors. When trying a water cocktail with perfectly matching appetizers, people were pleasantly surprised. It was a perfect opportunity to stimulate all their senses. Chaudfontaine: a perfect taste.