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In Europe, Sprite focuses on a young, urban audience. WOO HAH! festival is Europe’s biggest hip-hop festival. It’s the ideal place to connect, so a partnership made perfect sense. Our mission: develop an awesome activation based on the revamped pay-off ‘Refresh yourself’. Thanks to the collaboration with 013 and Mojo, we were ready to make this party pop.

WOO HAH! is buzzing with energetic and fashion-conscious young people. And for them, nothing is as important as looking FRESH. That’s why they rock the flyest kicks and clothes by the most sought-after designers. But; festivals are dusty and sticky, especially when being part of one of the many mosh pits that happen in front of the stages. Which means you get dirty quickly. There’s nothing you can do about that... Or is there?

We designed, built and styled the Sprite Refresh Stage. An immersive experience that gets you refreshed and ready to return to the festival in 5 steps.


1. Step into an air-conditioned room, have a can of Sprite, freshen up with a moistened towel.
2. Relax on a comfortable chair and get your sneakers shined.
3. Enter a luxurious nightclub bathroom, where an attendant offers you a variety of scents and deodorants.
4. Take a selfie with your infinite reflections in The Mirror Room. #loveyourselfie
5. Get a pep talk from a basketball coach and pick up your Sprite Stage Towel.