The Athlete's Foot: Planet Festival

Planet Festival

The Athlete's Foot

Project insights

  • Social advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Social content
  • Campaign video

The Athlete's Foot, global retailer of sneakers, sporty streetwear and lifestyle, needed our Digital energy for a new campaign last summer. The formula is international, but the branches are run by franchisers. With a focus on the festival season, they requested a fresh summer campaign. Due to the franchise component, collecting local data in order to generate leads and traffic was off the essence.

Target group: GEN Z. A diverse target group, with diverse interests. An online quiz, consisting of 6 remarkable questions (meaning; some laughs and giggles), gave the participant the answer to which festival type they are. You want to know, right? When filling in contact details, they had a chance to win festival tickets and merchandise. We visualised six types of festival types with a species name, matching look and sneakers.

On Facebook and Instagram, we showed the different festival types with the trigger 'which festival type are you?'. We invited them to play the quiz and showed the style (sneakers and clothing) off their festival type via email marketing. With this data, The Athlete's Foot can now activate and inspire. Ready for some numbers? Over 8 million views and a 1.7 million reach. Without sounding too presumptuous, that’s pretty impressive, right? So…. that's what we did. We created a campaign inspired by the liberating festival season, built a database with it and claimed the festival summer.