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Project insights

  • Concept
  • Webdesign
  • Webdevelopment
  • Script
  • Styling
  • Video production

In 2019, H&M decided to change their loyalty points system. There are many advantages to both existing and new customers, but these were not seen by all customers. Not only the name changed, but also the points system itself. Therefore, it was about time to explain everything in detail. It was up to Megawatt Advertising to take care of this predicament.

Not only did the explanation of the points system differ per country (the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria), but it also had to be understandable via a mobile display. With this input we have developed three videos. We used little text, the videos are not too long and we made sure that the information was clear for both existing and new members. The topics of the videos are 'become a member', 'why do you save points' and 'how do I use my offers’. Fun detail, because the videos are mainly watched on a mobile device, we shot them in 9:16.

In addition to developing the videos, we also created a website that works in line with the H&M app. This way the members can watch the videos 'in app'. Of course we have thought of proper tracking of the website. Ultimately we were responsible for the art direction, web development, video production and web design.